We help our clients maximise the potential of food in the workplace

Great food in the workplace isn't simply about fuel.
It's about increasing productivity and improving performance; it's about happy motivated people and inspiring environments.


We are proud to have a diverse team made up of fantastic individuals, who when brought together make something special


Gather & Gather are riding the 5th coffee wave, which involves exclusively partnering with the best in the industry to help us deliver speciality coffee, at scale


We utilise technology to help our teams deliver an exceptional customer experience, ensuring our chefs focus on food and our frontline focus on the customer

New Partnership

We have launched an exclusive coffee for workplace consumers. ‘Camino’, which is Spanish for journey, has been developed to ensure a focus on sustainability from bean to bin.


We signed up as a sponsor of Food on the Edge (FOTE), the two-day world leading food symposium based in Galway, for the second year in a row.