Gather & Gather has today announced an additional four new experts are to join The Gathered Table. The founders of Union Coffee, Jeremy Torz and Steven Macatonia, bring their coffee credentials, whilst Mowgli Street Food’s, Nisha Katona and the founder of The Doctor’s Kitchen and NHS GP, Dr Rupy Aujla, both bring their unique approaches to food.

Last month, Gather & Gather launched The Gathered Table bringing the best and brightest minds in food, technology and sustainability together to pioneer a radical new approach to workplace dining. From chefs and nutrition experts, to tech innovators and sustainability champions, this unique think tank looks beyond the everyday to create better-fed, happier and healthier people in the workplace.

The new collaborators bring additional dimensions to the table. Coffee credentials are a core component in the Gather & Gather offering, providing the high-quality coffee in the workplace that people have come to expect both from the high street and at home. Union’s bespoke approach with small batch roasting to create a flavourful cup brings exactly that.

Nisha Katona brings her Indian influence, creating flavourful recipes often from just a handful of ingredients whilst Dr Rupy’s focus is on the how people can eat their way to health. They join culinary experts José Pizarro, JP McMahon, Neil Rankin, Ollie Dabbous, Ramael Scully and Sabrina Ghayour, tech entrepreneur Michael Rolph, and representatives from The Sustainable Restaurant Association, making a total of 12 collaborators.

 About the new Gathered Table collaborators:

  • Dr Rupy Aujla, GP and food writer. A practising GP, Rupy is a firm believer in the power of food and lifestyle change as medicine. By highlighting clinical research behind the ingredients he uses, he helps people eat their way to health in an enjoyable way. Author of ‘The Doctor’s Kitchen’, he is also creating the UK’s first ‘Culinary Medicine’ course with the Royal College of General Practice.
  • Nisha Katona is the founder of Mowgli Street Food. A dedicated curry evangelist, her aim is to take the grind out of curry creation transforming cheap often meagre, seasonal and conscientiously grown ingredients into divine curries – simply and quickly. She opened the first Mowgli Street Food in Liverpool in early 2015 and has since opened a further four restaurants. Nisha aims to educate people on the preparation of Indian food, and has published three books to support that, ‘Pimp My Rice’ in 2015, ‘The Spice Tree’ in 2017 and ‘Mowgli Street Food’ in 2018.
  • Jeremy Torz and Steven Macatonia are the founders of Union Coffee. They discovered their love for coffee in San Francisco in the 90s, and decided to bring back their inspiration to London. Jeremy and Steven take pride in doing things differently by bypassing brokers and paying farmers a fair and sustainable price. They appreciate the importance of buying great coffee, roasting it in small batches to create a more flavourful cup.

“It’s less than a month since we launched The Gathered Table but our chefs are already benefiting from the experience and development our expert collaborators have to offer. We are delighted to welcome Nisha, Rupy, Jeremy and Steven. These additional collaborators can only boost the impact that the Table is set to have in re-imagining workplace dining.”


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